About The Company

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Company’s Mission Statement

Prissy’s Cakes aims to create a bakery that continually provides exquisite cakes made from scratch with exceptional pricing to the community at large. Motivated by a passion for baking, Prissy’s Cakes stands firm on these core principles:

  • Integrity for Quality Cakes
  • Commitment to Consistency
  • Baking with Passion and Enthusiasm
  • Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Prissy’s Cakes strives to establish a bakery that garners a reputation of consistently baking great cakes on purpose. Prissy’s Cakes will handcraft all natural cakes with care by using fresh locally grown ingredients. This key factor will essentially allow the cakes to stand in a class of their own and of course the taste will speak for itself! It is my vision for Prissy’s Cakes to be a well known staple in the community creating a neighborhood ambiance where customers feel at home and become instant regulars.

Prissy’s Cakes won’t just be a place to purchase baked goods. It will be home , happiness, encouragement, love, thankfulness, and motivation to every single patron that enters it’s doors.